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Custom Poker Tables

There are several things to consider when purchasing a poker table online. Quality and price, to name a couple.  We consider our custom built gaming tables to be the smartest choice due to the higher quality materials used, which ultimately adds to the appearance and life of your poker table. The craftsmanship and quality of our custom build tables cannot be described in words.

Texas Poker Supply Custom Poker Table Building Process:

Customer lets us know the must haves for their poker table and we discuss themes and color options for the poker table. At this point, we price the table out for them. Once all options have been finalized, a detailed mock up of the table is emailed to the customer for one last stamp of approval. At this point, we build a CAD drawing of the table with exact measurements then we load the sheets of wood onto the CNC machine. Having a CNC (computer aided) machine is what seperates us from the competition. After the table has been cut, it is time to sand everything down and start upholstering. After everything is upholstered, stained and laquered, all that is left is to bolt everything together and present you with your new poker table.

To get started on a price quote from Texas Poker Supply, just start by picking the shape of poker table you desire.





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