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Cup Holder Upholstery Ring



Product Description

Upholstering is hard enough, but now with everyone wanting their creature comforts within arms reach, we are putting cup holders into everything from sofas, armchairs, cars, trucks, RVs, poker tables, other gaming tables. These exclusive cup holder rings are for the cup holders sold on our website. The cup holder upholstery ring fits our brass and stainless steel cup holders. If you don’t use these rings the cup will slide up and down and the hole in the vinyl will eventually stretch reveal the foam underneath. Our cup holder rings prevent this from happening. Our wide bottom band is perfect for getting enough glue to create a permanent bond. If you need rings for a smaller sized cup holders, just shoot us an email. We can custom make you one to fit whatever you need.

  • ¾ inches tall
  • Made from cabinet grade plywood

Additional Information

Weight 0.25 lbs

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